Go from Being to Well-being

Empower your life from the inside out with our revolutionary whole-body Reset program. Each day of the Kroma Lifestyle Reset includes a delicious variety of highly functional & flavorful instant superfoods and beverages including Bone & Veggie Broths, Elixirs, Superfood Meals and Snacks, Adaptogen Superlattes, Plant-Based Meal Smoothie Blends, Tea and Supplements.


Dr. Will Cole on Kroma

"Sometimes, our health needs a little boost. But for most of us, it's difficult to know where to start and what's truly healthy. The Kroma Reset takes all the guesswork out of it for you. The 5-Day Reset is a tool to help you create healthy habits through delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods. As a leading functional medicine practitioner and author of Intuitive Fasting, I know the importance of listening to your body and using the power of food. The Kroma Reset is customizable to your health goals and shows you what it feels like to feed your body right so you can make the best choices for you, even as you move beyond the 5 days."

Dr. Will Cole, IFMCP, DNM, DC

Why Kroma?

Your Gateway to a Healthier, More Vibrant You

Our unique lifestyle approach helps set you up for long term success.

Kroma isn’t a cleanse company, it’s a wellness company focused on offering the most delicious, nutrient-dense functional foods and beverages that fuel your body with the macro (and micro) nutrients that you need to experience true whole-body well-being. 

We don’t believe in quick fix diets nor do we believe that you have to starve yourself to look and feel good in your body.  Diets that deplete you of crucial vitamins and macronutrients leave you feeling cranky, sluggish and ready for champagne and French fries the minute they are over.  Don’t get us wrong, we love french fries and champagne too, but we also love looking and feeling good beyond the 5 days.  Our program is designed to ditch the deprivation and give you the tools to thrive in your every-day life. 

Healthiest way to reset your well-being

The Kroma Reset is five days of nutritious sustenance that allows you to fuel your body with nothing but the best superfoods on the planet, while helping kick-start new habits, remove toxins and giving yourself the ultimate gift of health without the sacrifice. The Kroma Reset requires little to no prep, is shelf stable (aka - no freezer or fridge required) and is all about nurturing your whole body and mind without an ounce of deprivation.


We’ve got you

Feeling sluggish, tired, bloated, or just plain blah? Or perhaps you have put on some extra pounds and you are finally ready to really commit to taking better care of yourself?

Whatever the reason, we have all been there and we all need a reset from time to time.

Embarking on a Kroma 5-Day Lifestyle Reset can unlock a whole world of possibilities that are the beginning of a healthier, more vibrant you.


Less time preparing, more time healing

We’ve created the most comprehensive, go-anywhere-with-you program that is customizable and filled with the highest quality superfoods and whole-body nourishment available. The program is ‘instant’, non-perishable and shelf-stable providing effortless nourishment with ultimate flexibility and maximum flavor. We've taken care of the details for you so you can spend more time healing and establishing new healthy habits.

Open, pour and blend the contents of each sachet with water or non-dairy milk and enjoy! Really, it’s that simple.

Joey G.

“I was able to exercise, attend meetings undistracted, and even teach my Barry's classes with my usual enthusiasm. There is minimal meal prep required; you literally just add water or nut milk to the ingredients and go!”

Joey G.
CEO Barry's Bootcamp

“This is truly the best cleanse I've ever done. And I lost 7 pounds!”

News Anchor
Laura R.

“This was no ordinary cleanse, this was a total rejuvenation. I didn't want it to end.”

Laura R.
Sexual Educator & Coach
Katie B.

“I feel like it's literally a reset for my life to go to the next level.”

Katie B.
Transformative Thought Leader
Lauren R.

“I could live on Kroma.”

Lauren R.
Christa O.

“I’ve been a clinical and holistic nutritionist for 15 years and have tried every cleanse under the sun. Kroma is by far the best one I've done. It is THE cleanse of the future.”

Christa O.
CN / HHC / Founder of The Whole Journey

“The best all inclusive program I’ve ever experienced. My husband also loved it and appreciated how we could customize for each of our own needs. We can’t wait to do it again!”

Dev Master
Lauren M.

“Kroma is everything I don’t have time to do and create from scratch. As a woman who is serious about her fitness and wellness, it’s what my life was craving. It’s super healthy, easy to implement into my busy lifestyle and a tasty dose of the dopest superfoods to fuel my insanely busy life. More energy, better sleep and less inflammation (hello poppin’ abs!). The smoothies and lattes are my superfood staples and that porridge will change your life on the go!”

Lauren M.
CEO of digitalundivided, Speaker & Author
Lauren K.

"Kroma is the first cleanse I’ve tried that didn’t feel like a cleanse, yet that I reaped all of the benefits of a cleanse from. I couldn’t believe how delicious all of the meals tasted and will definitely be ordering more to have on stock on a regular basis. I’ve never felt healthier than after Kroma, and sustained the weight loss and benefits well after it ended. I will definitely be recommending Kroma to everyone I know that is looking for a health reset that’s not only sustainable but easy and delicious!"

Lauren K.
Founder of Dreamday & The Quality Edit
Anjali K.

"I felt amazing from Day One and have more energy than I've had in months! It inspired me to change some of my habits and I can’t wait to incorporate Kroma products into my every day life. Love the matcha and that insanely delicious cookie butter!"

Anjali K.
Robert P.

“Kroma is a game-changer for anyone who cares about their health, lives an active lifestyle and can’t afford to be slowed down. Because the program is customizable, I was able to workout every day and never felt starved or deprived and yet still experienced all the benefits of a detox and cleanse. My digestion was incredible, my energy from sunrise to sunset was high, my sleep was the best it’s been in a while, and by day five, my stomach was noticeably tighter.”

Robert P.
Trainer & Wellness Coach

A lifestyle program unlike any other.

We believe it’s the choices you make EVERY day that ultimately leads to a life of true health,
vitality and longevity. The Kroma Lifestyle Reset delivers immediate results while ultimately
setting you up for long-term success.

Ready to reset?

Our 5-Day Reset helps create new healthy habits by filling you with delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods that will help you relax, recharge, and revitalize your mind and body. The Kroma Reset is the first step in re-establishing healthy habits by giving your body delicious, functional whole foods and beverages that are super convenient and incredibly enjoyable.

Throughout the 5 days, you will experience all 18 of our powerful superfood products and learn how good you feel when you feed your body right and fuel your body with the most powerful superfoods on the planet.  Following the program, you can keep the good going by incorporating all of your favorite Kroma lattes, smoothies, broths and snacks into your daily life.

Day Snapshot


Combine our adaptogenic Beauty Matcha with water or your favorite non-dairy unsweetened milk of choice.
Nourish yourself with our satiating Super Porridge. Add berries as desired.
Drink our Cranberry Hydration Elixir throughout the day or as needed post workout.
Replenish with one of our delicious plant-based smoothies (menu rotates daily) blending sachet contents with your favorite non-dairy milk. If desired, add frozen berries and / or spinach.



Customize your evening (bone or veggie) broth with veggies and / or protein as needed.
Take our Calming + Repair Magnesium to help calm the mind, repair your muscles and support your digestive system.
The Kroma Reset focuses on nourishment over starvation which allows for natural, sustained weight loss that goes well beyond just water loss. Weight loss varies by person and can range from 2-13 pounds. Average weight loss is 5 pounds.

Overall Slimming & Debloating
Inflammation is the root of all disease. By eating clean, organic, superfoods and removing the toxins in your daily life, your body can then heal vs. fighting to digest foods that cause inflammation.
Better Sleep & Clearer Mind
When you remove the foods and beverages that slow you down while feeding your body nothing but pure superfood nourishment, your body can properly heal. As a result, your body is calmer allowing sleep to improve along with having a clearer mind.
When your body isn’t laden with foods that wreak havoc on the digestive system (sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, alcohol and too much caffeine), your body will instead use the energy to fuel your life.
The program’s balanced macronutrient profile helps to support adrenals as it assists in shutting down the parasympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), so that your body can reset, balance and heal.
Increased Metabolic Function
By feeding your body with a balanced blend of fats, carbohydrates, fiber and fat, your body is nourished instead of starved and deprived.  This then fuels your metabolic system vs. slowing it down. 

Our program incorporates bone broth and collagen which are two superfoods that help in healing the gut microbiome in addition to the 80+ other superfoods that support overall well-being.

Go deluxe and you’ll also get…

Those who purchase the Deluxe Kroma Reset will also receive:
(not included in the Regular Reset)

Checkmark Kroma Exclusive Spoon
Checkmark Kroma ‘Elemental’ Tumbler
Checkmark 3 Change your Life Chai Lattes (or Kroma Chocolate bar)*
Checkmark Perfect Fast
Checkmark Kroma Frother
Checkmark Kroma Hemp Purse
Checkmark Coconut Creamer with MCT Oil
*depending on the time of year

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a LIFESTYLE program - NOT an FMD (fasting mimicking diet). That being said, we do recommend fasting for at least 12-16 hours during the program. If you are accustomed to fasting, we recommend following your normal fasting protocol. If you are new to fasting, we recommend fasting for at least 12-16 hours during the program. Dinner by 6pm (ideally no later than 7pm) followed by breakfast at least 12 hours later - 6-10am.
While everyone’s body is different, you can expect a reduction in inflammation throughout your body which also includes overall slimming, de-bloating and likely weight loss (unless you are on the Active protocol). The reduction in inflammation may also eliminate swelling in your joints which could reduce the pain of arthritis and other body aches. You will likely experience more energy and a boost to your metabolism, less adrenal fatigue, and a balanced feeling overall. By removing the toxins and inflammatory ingredients found in many of foods while fueling your body with nothing but superfood nutrition, you should also experience an improvement in overall digestion and gut biome.
The program by itself has approximately 1050 calories each day before adding any non-dairy nut milks or any fruit to the daily smoothie or veggies and / or protein to the broth(s). Add as needed depending on desired health goals (weight loss, reset, maintain, etc.) and activity level. The program is about NOURISHMENT and not about starvation and deprivation. While you may feel hungry at times, you should never feel starved or depleted.

Stay on track

Customize your program protocol (Lean, Lifestyle or Active) to achieve your specific health goals, daily needs and activity levels through our app. Our app will help set you up for success before, during and after your program by providing support, education and inspiration to ensure you get the most out of your 5-Day experience.

Allergen alert: Note that some of our products contain coconut, nuts, and seeds.