More smiles. More passion.
More color. More You.

At Kroma, we believe in the power of food as medicine and that mother nature is our greatest resource to naturally fuel our mind, body, and soul. We are obsessed with Superfoods (and Adaptogens) because these nutrient-rich foods and super herbs are the most powerful preventative ‘medicine’ known to improve overall health and well-being. Our founder has hand selected the highest quality, purest, most nutrient dense and ethically sourced superfoods from around the world to create functional foods and beverages that nourish, heal and transform the entire body.


Curate for quality

We have scanned the world to find the most nutrient dense, high integrity, sustainably sourced superfood ingredients available. From our organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha to our whole complete plant protein, to our broths made in Australia using a proprietary process that extracts more nutrients and flavor than all those made using the standard freeze or spray dried techniques here in the US, we have spent years sourcing the best of the best. 


Healthy must

taste amazing

We believe healthy and delicious can and should co-exist. All of our food and beverage products are culinary inspired, masterfully marrying function and flavor. We’ve spent over 3 years and thousands of hours obsessing on carefully balancing flavors to spark joy in our minds, bodies and palates. 


Be Pure

No cane sugar. No fillers. No dairy. No gluten. No GMOs. No lectins. Always organic (except when not available like ingredients such as collagen which isn’t available organic). No shortcuts or gimmicks. Our intentions are pure and so are our products. 


Live super empowered

Your body is sacred and anything you put in and on your body should be working for you, not against you. We have collaborated with some of the top nutritionists, herbalists, chefs and wellness gurus to ensure all of our products adapt to your body chemistry and empower your inner-awesomeness.


Keep it simple

Life is complicated enough. You run the household, the boardroom, and the intricacies of your day-to-day life, all while also making sure to take care of yourself. Our instant, superfood-centric products were made to simplify your life while keeping you nourished, sustained and thriving. Just add water or non-dairy milk. Simple.  

Our Story

We all want to be amazing.

Healthier, happier; more connected and engaged. We deserve it. And when we commit to the journey, the pursuit of health and wellness can transform our lives forever. True, there are no shortcuts on this path but venture that first step and it’s on! The mind and body respond instantly, creating crazy-good energy that propels you forward. To new actions and behaviors that become must-do daily rituals. Healthy choices that heal and nourish every system of the body. Building strength and vitality from the inside out.

Meet our Wellness Advisory Team

Created in collaboration with some of the best in the industry.