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Launching July 2021

The Kroma 5-Day Lifestyle Reset

Empower your life from the inside out with this revolutionary whole-body reset. Easy to follow and naturally superior, our instant superfood program will set you on the path to become your healthiest, most vibrant self.
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You're gonna love the way we do detox.

Beta Trial participants

“It has literally been the reset I needed for my life to go to the next level.”

Katie B.
Transformative Thought Leader
Beta Trial participants

“Kroma is everything I don’t have time to do and create from scratch. As a woman who is serious about her fitness and wellness, it’s what my life was craving. It’s super healthy, easy to implement into my busy lifestyle and a tasty dose of the dopest superfoods to fuel my insanely busy life. More energy, better sleep and less inflammation (hello poppin’ abs!). The smoothies and lattes are my superfood staples and that porridge will change your life on the go!”

Lauren M.
CEO of Digitalundivided, Speaker & Author
Lauren K
Beta Trial participants

"Kroma is the first cleanse I’ve tried that didn’t feel like a cleanse, yet that I reaped all of the benefits of a cleanse from. I couldn’t believe how delicious all of the meals tasted and will definitely be ordering more to have on stock on a regular basis. I’ve never felt healthier than after Kroma, and sustained the weight loss and benefits well after it ended. I will definitely be recommending Kroma to everyone I know that is looking for a health reset that’s not only sustainable but easy and delicious!"

Lauren K.
Founder of Dreamday & The Quality Edit
Beta Trial participants

“I was able to exercise, attend meetings undistracted, and even teach my Barry's classes with my usual enthusiasm. There is minimal meal prep required; you literally just add water or nut milk to the ingredients and go!”

CEO Barry's Bootcamp
Beta Trial participants

“Kroma is a game-changer for anyone who cares about their health, lives an active lifestyle and can’t afford to be slowed down. Because the program is customizable, I was able to workout every day and never felt starved or deprived and yet still experienced all the benefits of a detox and cleanse. My digestion was incredible, my energy from sunrise to sunset was high, my sleep was the best it’s been in a while, and by day five, my stomach was noticeably tighter.”

Robert P.
Trainer and Wellness Coach
Beta Trial participants

“There are a lot of products out there but this is the best way to reset without compromising your health… and I also managed to lose 7 pounds.”

News Anchor
Beta Trial participants

“This was no ordinary cleanse,
this was a total rejuvenation.
 I didn't want it to end.”

Laura R.
Sexual Educator and Coach
Beta Trial participants

“I could live on Kroma.”

Lauren R.
Beta Trial participants

“I’ve been a clinical and holistic nutritionist for 15 years and have tried every cleanse under the sun. Kroma is by far the best one I've done. It is THE cleanse of the future.”

Christa O.
CN / HHC / Founder of The Whole Journey
Beta Trial participants

“The best all inclusive program I’ve ever experienced. My husband also loved it and appreciated how we could customize for each of our own needs. We can’t wait to do it again!”

Heather D.
Founder of Pilates Platinum
Anjali K.
Beta Trial participants

"I felt amazing from Day One and have more energy than I've had in months! It inspired me to change some of my habits and I can’t wait to incorporate Kroma products into my every day life. Love the matcha and that insanely delicious cookie butter!"

Anjali K.


At Kroma, we believe in the power of food as medicine and that mother nature is our greatest resource to naturally fuel our mind, body, and soul. We are obsessed with Superfoods (and Adaptogens) because these nutrient-rich foods and super herbs are the most powerful preventative 'medicine' known to improve overall health and well-being. Our founder has hand selected the highest quality, purest, most nutrient dense and ethically sourced superfoods from around the world to create functional foods and beverages that nourish, heal and transform the entire body.

Meet The Creator

The Kroma 5-Day Lifestyle Reset was developed by superfood and wellness pioneer and Beaming Founder Lisa Odenweller. Lisa’s personal mission to empower human health and transform well-being led her to the forefront of the global superfood movement and a revolutionary new approach to the detox process. As a nutrition visionary known for “making healthy taste amazing,” her latest creation combines a full spectrum of nature’s most powerful superfoods into a sustainable lifestyle and longevity program carefully formulated to restore and revitalize you in mind, body, and spirit.

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