Vanilla Cinnamon Plant Protein Smoothie


Delicious Meets Nutritious.

Because it is lectin-free and isn’t processed (unlike pea protein), it is easier to digest allowing your body to focus on giving you energy vs. taking vital energy away needed to digest other plant proteins like soy and pea.

526g / 12 servings

Chocho Plant Protein, Coconut Milk*, Coconut Water, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit), Reishi Mushroom*, Maple Sugar*, Vanilla Bean Ground*, Digeseb® Enzyme Blend (Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Protease), Pure Vanilla, Cordyceps Mushroom*, Mesquite*, Ginger Extract*, Himalayan Pink Salt.

*Organic Ingredients

Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Energy | Immunity | Digestion

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"The most delicious nonperishable reset on the market.”

There’s nothing like our non-isolate, lectin-free and easy to digest Plant Protein. It's loaded with 9/9 essential amino acids, and packed with fiber, calcium, omegas, vitamins, and minerals.

Superior Ingredients


Coconuts are one of the most highly nutritious fruits. Low in carbs and high in healthy fats, coconuts are loaded with minerals, copper, iron and important antioxidants that protect your cells and support metabolism, blood sugar control, heart health and many other functions of the body.


Reishi contains a whopping 36 nutritive compounds which can help fight inflammation, support the immune system and curb seasonal allergies. Reishi has shown to beneficially impact white blood cells, and also helps improve symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Naturally Superior






Organic Ingredients


Cordyceps can help increase the body’s overall energy reserves, optimizing performance and stamina while fighting free radicals that cause oxidative stress. This medicinal mushroom is also loaded with antioxidants which provide many anti-aging benefits.

Plant Protein

Plant protein is a non-isolate whole food protein that contains 9/9 essential amino acids. It’s loaded with fiber, calcium, omegas, vitamins, and minerals and is easy to digest, bioavailable and lectin free. It is grown above 10k ft in the Andes mountains through regenerative agriculture.

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