Kroma On-The-Go / Vegan


“Everything But Dinner”

For the busy parent or professional, the Kroma On-The-Go travel pack keeps you set throughout the day and (perhaps) most importantly, every “in case of” in-between. Take on the plane, to the office or even the park with your kids. It’s as delicious as it is nourishing – as convenient as it is craveable. Let’s dive in.


Six sachets take you from day to day, hour to hour, or minute to minute. You make the rules here, we’ll just hit you with the highlights.

  • Ultimate Vitality Golden Milk latte with adaptogens
  • Breakfast Super Porridge
  • Cranberry Hydration Elixir
  • Blueberry Immunity Smoothie
  • Veggie Broth with Miso + Plant Protein
  • Supergreens Elixir

Simple, Convenient, Delicious, and Nutritious

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"The most delicious nonperishable reset on the market.”