Limited Edition: Deluxe 5-Day Reset

The ultimate Kroma Reset experience 

The easiest and most satiating way to detox, rejuvenate and energize.

Each day you will receive 10 delicious, nutrient-dense foods and beverages including our infamous OMG Cookie Butter. Just add hot water or a non-dairy milk to enjoy your nutrient-dense meals throughout the day.

Our Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset is the ultimate Kroma Reset experience recommended for anyone experiencing Kroma for the first time. The award-winning packaging includes all 50 foods and beverages along with some of our favorite must-have tools and add-ons including:

  • Gold Kroma Frother
  • Change Your Life Chai (x3)
  • Hemp Tote Bag
  • Golden Spoon
  • Kroma Tumbler
  • Superfood Creamer w/ MCT
  • Perfect Fast Ginger Turmeric Tea
Guide & Contents
Our Deluxe Reset includes 50 sachets and the Kroma booklet to guide you through your 5-Day journey, and additional tools recommended for a first timer.
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"The most delicious nonperishable reset on the market.”

5 Days. 50 nutrient dense meals, snacks and beverages.

The beginning of a better, healthier, more vibrant you.

A Day at a Glance

The Kroma Reset is a 5 day program.

Each day includes 10 filling and nutritious servings.

1. Break Your Fast
2. Breakfast
3. Hydration
4. Boost
5. Lunch
6. Fuel
7. Snack
8. Energy Snack
9. Dinner
10. After Dinner Supplement

Gwyneth Paltrow on Kroma

"There's a new detox kit coming out called Kroma. It’s so delicious [and] you feel so good on it. That’s probably my number one [wellness essential] for fall.”

First Reset? Go Deluxe!

The Deluxe Reset includes a set of gorgeous accessories intended to simplify — and amplify! — your Reset experience.

  • Kroma Exclusive Spoon
  • Kroma “Elemental’ Tumbler
  • Kroma Frother
  • Kroma Hemp Purse
  • 3 Change Your Life Chai Lattes
  • Perfect Fast Tea
  • Coconut Creamer with MCT Oil

Beauty Matcha Latte *

* Non-vegan program only (vegan program includes Ultimate Vitality Latte)

Mornings are sacred. Which is why we begin your day with the finest Ceremonial Grade Matcha. When you break your fast with Beauty Matcha, you get the perfect start to your day with antioxidants, L-Theanine, and just enough caffeine for that calm, gentle boost. To enhance your morning ritual even further, we also add collagen protein, turmeric, goji, maca, and ginger.

17g / 5 Individual Servings

Super Porridge

Continue your morning with a medley of almonds, walnuts, pecans, coconut, and hemp seeds. Each carefully selected nut and seed is loaded with healthy fats, omegas, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and more, that support brain health and digestion, while providing the good fats that help to burn fat.

Its soft, nutty texture has just the right amount of crunch with the perfect touch of sweet. You can taste how good it is for you while leaving you completely satisfied. Enjoy cold with berries and non-dairy milk, or as a warm porridge. Your new favorite breakfast.

52g / 5 Individual Servings

Dr. Will Cole on Kroma

"Sometimes, our health needs a little boost. But for most of us, it's difficult to know where to start and what's truly healthy. The Kroma Reset takes all the guesswork out of it for you. The 5-Day Reset is a tool to help you create healthy habits through delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods. As a leading functional medicine practitioner and author of Intuitive Fasting, I know the importance of listening to your body and using the power of food. The Kroma Reset is customizable to your health goals and shows you what it feels like to feed your body right so you can make the best choices for you, even as you move beyond the 5 days."

- Dr. Will Cole, IFMCP, DNM, DC

Cranberry Hydration Elixir

Water is nature’s greatest gift; the essential element. It is life-giving, thirst-quenching, and one of the easiest ways to boost your health. Water by itself is miraculous, but sometimes it needs a little bump.

Enjoy a refreshing boost mid-morning with our Cranberry Hydration Elixir. Our elixir adds electrolytes and supplements water’s natural minerals with a light, delicious flavor that will entice you to drink more throughout the day. Feel like you could use a little lift? Just add water.

9g / 10 Individual Servings

Blueberry Immunity Smoothie

Our delicious Blueberry plant-based immunity smoothie, blended together with your favorite non-dairy milk, provides the perfect close to your morning.

This functional, high protein smoothie combines the most powerful Superfoods with the newest, most complete plant protein on the market. Add spinach or frozen berries for an extra immunity boost.

29g / 5 Individual Servings

Veggie Broth With Plant Protein

Nourish your body and soul with a serving of our vegetable miso broth for lunch. Packed with eleven vegetables and herbs, and enriched with traditional Japanese red miso along with our plant protein, our vegetable broth is equal to one serving of veggies, making it even easier to get your daily dose.

It’s brimming with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12 and zinc for immune protection and increased energy along with fermented soybeans, renowned in Japan for promoting digestive health.

18g / 5 Individual Servings

Supergreens Elixir

We did it! We packed as many vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients into our Supergreens Elixir as possible to make getting your daily greens easier than ever. Each ingredient is selected for nutrient density and bioavailability - from nearly every fruit and vegetable under the sun to healing medicinal mushrooms for immune support and even plant protein. It’s the perfect afternoon boost to keep you energized throughout your day.

13g / 5 Individual Servings

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5-Day Reset

Spicy Passion Latte

Next, supplement your afternoon with a serving of our Spicy Passion - the hot chocolate equivalent of the Kama Sutra. Libido-boosting sexy superfoods like cacao, maca, and goji berries are combined with the anti-aging, energizing, rejuvenating attributes of cordyceps and reishi mushrooms. You may find yourself with a little more energy and a lot more sizzle.

11g / 5 Individual Servings

OMG Cookie Butter

OMG Cookie Butter is OMG delish! Every indulgent superfood-filled bite has powerful antioxidants, healthy omega fats, hearty plant protein, and just the right amount of sweet to help you feel satisfied, energized, and inspired. The “secret sauce” is our carefully-selected blend of nuts and superfoods that makes good choices feel easy.

OMG Cookie Butter is great for an afternoon-pick-me-up to give you a little protein and a hint of sweetness.

240g / 15 Servings

Naturally Superior






Organic Ingredients

24K Chicken Bone Broth *

* Non-vegan program only (vegan program includes Veggie Broth with Miso)

Transition to the evening with a dinner of our bone broth that’s as good as homemade. Our Australia-raised chicken broth is rich in collagen, calcium, turmeric, and magnesium along with gelatin, making it the perfect “natural medicine” to help heal and support your gut and biome.

Our broths are slow-cooked then carefully dried through a unique, proprietary process to extract all the nutrients, amino acids, and delicious flavor. You’ll be amazed at how nourished you can feel by adding just a cup of bone broth to your daily diet. Your skin might thank you as well.

22g / 5 Individual Servings

Calming + Repair Magnesium

A good night’s sleep not only feels amazing, it’s also essential to your health. But sometimes our minds won’t allow our bodies to take the break we need.

Taken after dinner, our After Hours Elixir combines probiotics with three natural types of magnesium and l’theanine specifically intended to help you reach a deeper state of relaxation, and restore your body through the sleep cycle. Maybe that’s why they call it beauty sleep.

4g / 5 Individual Servings