How I Reset: Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino


Reset Pro Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino Shares Her 5-Day Reset Tips + Take-Aways

“This was important for me as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, because my patients are always looking for recommendations that allow a bit of freedom, don’t feel too restrictive, and are full of clean, enjoyable ingredients.”

“I was rockin’ and rollin’ on Day 4! Sleeping like a baby, and blood sugar is stable! Celebrating getting closer to the finish line, and focusing on maintaining consistency with the regimen.”

- Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino

5 Enjoyable Superfood-Filled Days of Nourishment

DAY 1 - Excited + Awakened

“I felt so nourished and ‘awakened’ as intended. It was like ‘hello, this feels refreshing and I’m feeling good!’ ”

DAY 2 - Dress it Up

“I love the Cranberry Hydration Elixir, the broths always feel so nourishing and savory, especially when I ‘dress’ it up with the added veggies and protein.”

DAY 3 - Glowing with Energy

“Feeling less bloated! My skin glows, and mentally I feel clear. I didn’t have any dips in energy.”

DAY 4 - Trust the Process

“Once you’re in it - you’re in it! You feel motivated to take an inventory of other habits in your life that you want to optimize, and you’ll feel motivated to get started on those too.”

DAY 5 - Satiating Favorites

“I love the broths: 24K Chicken and Veggie w/ Miso & Plant Protein. It’s hard to find a broth that tastes savory and not watered down. These broths were perfect for me, and once I added veggies and chicken, it felt complete.”

Jaclyn’s 5-Day Reset Pro Tip 

Activate Your Food With Each Meal

“Food activations are really helpful. By eating mindfully, reminding yourself of the intention of each meal, and savoring the flavors & textures, not eating in a hurry - all of this helps everything you’re eating & drinking assimilate into your body even better.”